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Sights to see 11.08.2020
Gamsutl Abandoned Village
The abandoned mountain village of Gamsutl is located in Dagestan Republic at an altitude of 1418 meters above sea level.

Thirty years ago, a road led here. Today, it is only the path used only by tourists.

The village appeared here in ancient times, according to some sources - about 5000 years ago. Probably, the founder of the village, one of the local khans, lived on the very top of the mountain, his army settled nearby. Gradually the settlement grew.

About four decades ago, residents began to gradually leave their native village, going to larger settlements in search of work. The place gradually became uninhabitant. The beekeeper Abdulzhalil Abdulzhalilov was the only person who stayed here until he died in 2015.
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